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My First Day at Work

My mom’s office is so much fun!  There are lots of people and everybody likes toys; there are giant bouncy balls, crayons, silly putty, play swords and crossbows and dart guns. Mom listens to Christmas music while she works, too, and I really like that!

I took Buttons with me because I was afraid I would be bored. Wrong! Buttons and I played while Mom worked.

Then we had lunch: ice tea and a tuna fish sandwich. Mom gave me a mini Cadbury Egg, too.

I helped Mom do some work

but there were too many cool things to play with for that boring stuff!

I played with the tiny little dog on Mom’s desk.

And I played with a giant blob of silly putty.



But my favorite was when I climbed up the computer monitor and joined Mom’s “Hamster Chorus Line”.


Mom drinks too much coffee, so Buttons and I tried to block her coffee cup. It didn’t work.


I really like going to work with Mom, but she says she might leave me home one day next week so I can get to meet all the other dolls that live here. I can’t wait to meet them!


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3 comments on “My First Day at Work

  1. catesialove
    March 25, 2012

    This is adorable! I hope Daisy has fun meeting the new dolls! I love Buttons too!

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