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My First BooBoo

Well, when I was getting dressed yesterday morning, a terrible thing happened.  I was putting on my new white top when my hand got caught in the seam, and my finger broke right off!  See?

At first I panicked, like Woody did when his arm fell off in Toy Story 2. But Mom said to calm down, because panicking never helped anything. I put my pjs back on, and Mom found my finger and put it in a tiny plastic bag, so we can glue it back on if we have to. She said she would see if the dollie hospital could help us first.

While Mom sent some emails to the dollie hospital people, Buttons crawled up on my chair to see if I was OK. He was really worried about me. He is such a sweet dog!

Mom came back and said that the dollie hospital people would get back to her soon, and that I was not going to be able to go to work with her today. She wrapped my hand in a bandage and went to get a babysitter for me. I told Buttons I might have to go to the dollie hospital, and he got really sad.

Mom had Vivienne come over to take care of me and Buttons while she went to work. Vivienne is really nice. She even made Buttons happy again!  She read us stories and said we can come visit her house when my hand is better. She lives in a big city apartment with her friends, Lola and Daphne. They are all very glamorous. I’ll have to be sure to wear my prettiest dress when I visit!

When Mom got home she said the dollie hospital people will definitely be able to make me all better. They can send a new hand to us and Mom will replace it, and I’ll be good as new! It might take some time for my new hand to get here, so I have to be extra careful for a while.

Mom set up her computer so Buttons and I could watch Spongebob and eat popcorn. Buttons is very happy I don’t have to go to the hospital. I’m a little nervous about Mom performing surgery on me, but she says we can take pictures of it and put them up here. Gross and cool; just the way I like it!


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2 comments on “My First BooBoo

  1. Valkyrie
    March 29, 2012

    Awww!!! – and I LOVE the Lisa Frank! LOL

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