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Make Amelia Thimble’s Pigtail Wig into a Cute Flipped Bob

The wig that the basic Amelia Thimble comes with is very cute, but a bit out of scale – that’s a lot of hair for one little girl to carry around! But with just a little know-how, you can turn her mass of curls into an adorable and versatile flipped bob.


A nude Basic Amelia or Cute as  Button Amelia wig and doll

Small doll stand

Very sharp scissors (dull scissors may make your hair cut uneven)

Doll hair brush

Small elastic ponytail holder (the type used for mini braids – you can find them in the hair section of any big box store)

Clean, empty sink



Tea pot




Begin by cutting the existing ponytail elastics from her hair. Use just the tip of the scissor, insert the scissor into the outer most layer of elastic. You don’t want to cut the hair – just the elastic.


Gently and carefully brush out the pigtails, starting at the bottom and working your way up the pigtail. The factory gel may make the hair stiff – if so, you can wet the pigtails to help them comb out easier. When you’re done, your doll’s hair will look something like this:


Remove the wig from the doll. This will make cutting a straight line a bit easier.  Take your scissors and cut a straight line across the hair, just above her waistline. If you are unsure about your ability to cut a straight line, you can use tape to mark your line.


Fill your tea kettle with about 2 cups of water and put on to boil. While you’re waiting for your water to boil, put the wig back on your doll, put the doll on her stand, and put the doll and stand into a small cup to help her stay upright in your sink. Place the cup in a clean, empty sink.

When the kettle whistles at you, remove it from the stove top and pour the water over the doll’s head, making sure to saturate the whole head. Remember that boiling water can produce steam, and steam and boiling water can both burn you, so be extra careful.

Using your tongs, remove the doll from the cup and run cold water over her for 60 seconds. Gently blot her hair and body with a clean dry towel. She should look something like this now:


Gently brush the doll’s hair and secure an elastic around her neck.

Let the hair dry, then carefully cut the elastic from the hair, as you did in step one. Trim any stray hairs and finish with a small dab of gel.  Your doll is now ready to dress and style. The best part about this hair do is that should it come out, frizz, etc., you can always repeat steps 4 and 5 and get your gal’s hair looking like new.

Need help or have a question? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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