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Meet Lily!

I have been very excited because I am getting a little sister!  Mom told me she was arriving today, and I got so excited, I started jumping on the furniture.

Mom called me a crazy monkey and told me to calm down.

I waited all day for her to get here. I read some books, played with Buttons, watched cartoons. It seemed like forever, but finally a big white box came to our house.  Mom sat it on the table and I ran to the box and shouted “Hold on, Lily! We’ll get you out!”

Mom used a big sharp knife that I am “not. allowed. to touch.”  to open the box. As soon as it was open, I climbed in to find Lily.

There was a lot of tissue paper in there! I heard some yelping noises coming from the first box. Buttons started whining, and the box started moving! We took it out and opened it, and who do think was in it!?! Lily’s puppy, Rags. Now Buttons has a new friend, too!

We finally got all the tissue out and found Lily’s box. Buttons and Rags were so excited to meet each other that I had to get their attention to help me get Lily out.

We opened the box, and there she was!  She tried to climb out, but she’s littler than me, so she needed some help.

I helped Lily out and hugged and hugged and hugged her!  She is very sweet, and I am so excited to have a little sister.

Lily is getting some new face paint, and maybe some new hair. We are going to make all sorts of mischief together!  I wonder what our first adventure will be…

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2 comments on “Meet Lily!

  1. mlee
    May 15, 2012


  2. thecyndrome
    May 15, 2012

    Awwww she’s so cute! They look perfect together! I see the family resemblance!

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